Social Perform Theory And Practice

Our knowledge is that quite a few students on the social function degree can be intimidated by the word ‘theory’. This right away inhibits productive mastering about theory. Theory in social function is about how we relate to other people and how we make positive that we are offering productive solutions. It is vital that theory is not noticed as the preserve of academics or senior social workers. By means of understanding and applying theory to social function practice our function with service customers can turn out to be far extra productive and individual centred.

Lots of persons believe that theory is anything purely academic, with no hyperlink to “genuine life”. A lot of social function students cover theory at university, but commence their practice mastering knowledge intimidated by the notion of how to apply theory to their practice and in particular concerned about how to demonstrate the hyperlinks they have produced in their assignments and reflective accounts..

Practice mastering is about relating the tips discovered in University to the practice setting. On the other hand, in order to hyperlink theoretical information to practice, students have to have a firm grasp of the truth that theory is anything everyone utilizes just about every day in social function and that theory has a clear hyperlink to frequent sense/what functions/genuine life or what ever the phrase of selection is. Without the need of this, theory can turn out to be anything which appears abstract and this develops the notion that theory is anything you understand at University and then overlook when you enter the “genuine planet” of function.

The Specifications for Social Perform Instruction state that all social function programmes need to:

“Make sure that the teaching of theoretical information, expertise and values is primarily based on their application to practice.” (Division of Wellness 2002)

While the simple elements of social function theory will be taught in the University setting, practice mastering is about you transferring your information and applying theory to your practice, and you will have to have to demonstrate that you can make the hyperlinks in your written function.

What is theory?

It is our view that social workers in the field and social function students on placement are applying theory just about every day. On the other hand, they might not realise it, and they might not be capable to describe the theory or name it.

Theories in social function are nothing at all extra than an try to clarify circumstances and social relationships. Theories have been created considering that it became clear that there had been equivalent patterns or repeating cycles of behaviour each in an individual’s life and in the lives of lots of unique persons. Due to the fact theories have been expressed by academics and social scientists, they usually use an academic language. Never let that place you off. Theories are life dressed up! A lot of theories essentially have a really simple, accessible message even if you at times have to appear beyond the jargon.

There has been some debate about what essentially constitutes a theory. Usually, a theory aids to clarify a predicament and maybe how it came about. In science, a theory is noticed as assisting to:

** describe (eg: what is taking place?) ** clarify (eg: why is it taking place?) ** predict (eg: what is probably to occur subsequent?)

Occasionally theories are also noticed as assisting to handle a predicament and bring about modifications.

Social Perform Theory and Practice Mastering

In supervision discussion, placement assignments, portfolios and so on you have to have to be capable to describe the predicament you are functioning with, clarify why you believe this came about, what you can do to bring about modify and so on. In carrying out so, you will be drawing upon some kind of theory. You might, even so, not generally be conscious of this.

Anytime you are thinking about theory, we would urge you to:

1. Recognise that no single theory can clarify every thing: When a individual engages in an action (or inaction) the explanation for their behaviour can be rooted in a variety of causes or motives.

2. Associated to the 1st point, recognise that some theoretical approaches just do not function with some persons. Applying Short Remedy Focused Therapy can be genuinely productive with some persons. For other persons, it leaves them cold.

3. Take a crucial strategy to theory. If it does not “function”, why not? Can you adapt elements such that it is beneficial?

4. Constantly apply the worth base to theory – substantially of the theory utilised in social care practice and social function is drawn from outdoors of the profession. Theory might have its roots in education, psychology or management. As such, it might not incorporate social function values and you ought to take duty for applying these

5. And lastly, never ever be intimidated by theory. You use it just about every day.

Why do we have to have to apply social function theory to practice?

While person social function theories have unique purposes, utilizing all types of theory in our function provides us, as social workers, some vital factors.

** Theories can assistance us to make sense of a predicament. Making use of theory, we can produce tips about what is going on, why factors are as they are and so on. For instance the facts obtained as component of an assessment can look like a jumble of facts – applying theory can assistance “make sense” of the facts.

** Making use of theory can assistance to justify actions and clarify practice to service customers, carers and society in basic. The aim is that this will lead to social function becoming extra broadly accountable and eventually extra respected.

** In function with folks, generating use of the theories which might relate to their distinct predicament will give us extra path in our function with them.

** Making use of theory can give an explanation about why an action resulted in a certain consequence. This can assistance us overview and possibly modify our practice in an try to make the consequences extra productive.

It is clear then, that theory is vital in practice – each for function with service customers and for social function to be extra valued in society.